Technical Knowledge Bases

Author(s) Guy A. Narboni
Country France
Affiliation Implexe
Title A domain language for expressing engineering rules and a remarkable sub-language
Keywords Expert Systems, Knowledge Representation, Rule bases, Constraint processing, Tractability
Abstract We describe and analyse a constraint language for expressing logic rules on variables having a finite integer range. Our rules can involve linear arithmetic operations and comparisons to capture common engineering knowledge. They are capable of bidirectional inferences, using standard constraint reasoning techniques. Further, we show that for a restricted sub-language the basic propagation mechanism is complete. For systems in that class, local consistency implies global consistency.
This noteworthy property can be instrumental in assessing the scalability of an Expert System, which in practice is a cause for concern with the growth of data. When the knowledge base passes a syntactic check, we can guarantee that its solution is search-free and therefore backtrack-free.

19th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence www
Workshop on Intelligent Engineering Techniques for Knowledge Bases
August 2010, Lisbon, Portugal.